After venturing away from his home turf for 10 years, sucessfully bringing his own touch of Edo Mae sushi to London and Hong Kong (now closed), Master Araki feels ready to go back to his roots after his achievements.

Plans to reopen in April 2024 in Akasaka, Tokyo.

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Sushi "Omakase" Chef's Set Menu

£310 Per Person

(Including VAT - Excludes 15% service charge, beverages and extra orders)

The Araki "An Omakase Experience" Due to the nature of our single tasting menu, we may not be able to accommodate your dietary needs. Please be sure to contact us prior to making your reservation with any dietary restrictions to avoid any charges. There is no meat and alternative menus.

"Oyakata (sushi master)" Mitsuhiro Araki

Mitsuhiro Araki’s celebrated restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo held three Michelin stars with demand for seats at the counter far outstripping supply.

In 2014 Master Araki decided to seek new challenges and deepen his learning, he closed his restaurant in Ginza and brought his vision, skills and experience as a Sushi Master to London.

The Araki, for the first time, brings London the opportunity to experience world-renowned “Edomae Sushi” (authentically style originally invented circa 240 years ago in former Tokyo) working with locally sourced ingredients, prepared and served according to the historic tradition of “Sado (Tea Ceremony)” hospitality.

At The Araki every seat is at the Chef’s table, it is not simply dining, but an experience.

A New Era

Marty Lau born in the UK grew up with a fascination in the Japanese culture, especially in the field of “Washoku (Japanese cuisine)”. Working at his family’s restaurant whilst still in school, and finally deciding to dedicate himself to the craft of Sushi after finishing University.

It was in 2012 where Marty met Master Araki, whilst visiting the UK to decide on a location for the new venue, vowed to apprentice under him, should the Master choose London. In April 2015 shortly after the sushi bar had opened, this promise was fulfilled.

After 4 years of training at the side of Master Araki, as right-hand man, he now believes Marty has what it takes to take the helm and face the challenge of serving our customers at the level of world class sushi. Following in the tradition of “Noren Wa-Ke (dividing the curtain)” where the Master graduates an apprentice to carry on under his name. The first time in Master Araki’s 20 years of independence.

12 New Burlington Street, London W1S 3BH, United Kingdom

Our chefs start in the early morning each day taking the utmost pride and care in preparation for your arrival, to provide the most intimate and luxurious dining experience at the Araki. We hope our guests can appreciate this by respecting our booking times and policies, as the course cannot begin without all the guests seated, to prevent any interruptions during the dining experience and to prevent any unnecessary rush. It is for this reason also, that we must lock the doors 30 minutes after the booking time. We eagerly await your visit to The Araki and look forward to offering a memorable experience.

The Araki Booking Policy

Open for dinner Tues - Sat
First sitting 18h00 (doors open 17h55, last entry 18h30)
Second sitting 20h30 (doors open 20h25, last entry 21h00)

The Araki is limited to only nine seats per seating at the chef’s counter, with a separate private room offering an intimate setting suited to business meetings and family gatherings for upto 6 guests (£30 per person charge applies)

Please note The Araki runs one set menu based on raw and cooked fish and shellfish, we are unable to accommodate to many dietary requirements, so please ensure that you are aware of all party member’s conditions and contact us prior to making your reservation to confirm whether we are able to cater for you and your guests to prevent unnecessary charges.

Phone +44 (0)20-7287-2481
Seating Up to 9 seats on counter and 6 in the private room

Before making a reservation please be sure to read our booking terms and conditions, to prevent any unnecessary issues when making a reservation.


We are currently looking for a new junior apprentice to join our team, if you are interested please write to us at [email protected]


After venturing away from home turf for 10 years, sucessfully bringing his own touch of Edo Mae sushi to London and handing over to his protégé Marty Lau and daughter Manae Araki.

After a 4 year term in perfecting the art of using the best of local ingredients in Hong Kong.

Master Mitsuhiro Araki is going full circle and back to his origins.

The Araki Akasaka in Tokyo reopens 13th April 2024.


Collaboration with Lamborghini “Hurricane”


As of March 21st 2019 Master Araki has handed the reigns of the London branch to his protege Marty Lau


Harden’s Best UK Restaurants 2019 Rank no.3


Harden’s Best UK Restaurants 2018 Rank no.1


Three coveted stars awarded by the Michelin Guide London 2018


Winners of Harden’s Best Gastronomic Experience London 2016


The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurant UK 9th London dishes up restaurant with record openings


Two coveted stars awarded by the Michelin Guide London 2016


Opening 20th October 2014