Oyakata's Journal

Master Araki tending to the rice fields, which has been in his father in law’s family for 14 generations. It is this rice we use, combined with our own red sushi vinegar the taste that you can only find at The Araki.

Master Araki had two mentors he credits with his training; first was the grandmaster at Izumi where he first started his training in Meguro, the second would be the legendary “sushi emperor” Mr. Niitsu Takeaki who would set the standard for Master Araki to succeed.

Exmoor Caviar

Proud to use locally farmed Exmoor caviars located at the foothills of the Exmoor National Park where 40 million litres of fresh Devonshire water, naturally filtered through slate, shale and sandstone, pass through the farm every day. The sturgeon fish are allowed to grow at the pace that nature intended in this fresh cool mineral water. The clean and natural delicate flavours of the caviar are enhanced by locally harvested Cornish Sea Salt.

San Pietro, Umbria

Our visit to the beautiful countryside of San Pietro, in Umbria.

We experienced first hand the labours involved in the search of the elusive black and white truffle.

Hong Kong Venue

Coming soon in December, Master Araki has his eyes set on the new project in Hong Kong.

With 12 seats at the counter he hopes to once again achieve great things using ingredients from the local seas.